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IT Choir app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 1072 ratings )
Music Entertainment
Developer: Davide Vella
Current version: 1.1.8, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Jun 2017
App size: 25.15 Mb

When organizing a concert, festival or workshop one of the biggest problems has always been to disseminate the news, how to make the very existence of the event known to the widest possible audience. This is a particularly difficult experience in the field of choral music, in fact still today the usual means is the word-of-mouth.
We realized, however, that the world of choral music enthusiasts is far greater than what one could imagine, counting millions of people, and many of these people, enthusiasts like us, are always looking for a good concert Or an opportunity to learn something new in a workshop.
Thats why we created it-choir, a tool that lets anyone organize choral events to make the results of their work visible to the whole world. Even smaller choruses can share their commitments by expanding their visibility and consequently the audience.
With it-choir you will be able to make your choral activity not only known to your friends, but also to fans and curious people around the world.
Thanks to the geolocation system you will also provide a service to your audience, recording your event will make sure everyone gets directions on how to get there. You can also hook up the concert / festival card to your youtube channel by increasing visibility and access.
Through the system of direct feedback from the audience, which simplifies the feedback process, you will receive the impressions of your listeners in real time.
Last but not least, your event will be advertised on the portal you are visiting now.
With it-choir, simply compiling some basic data directly from smartphones and tablets, your choral activity will be immediately made available to everyone, also contributing to the diffusion of knowledge and the enjoyment of choral music all over the world.